A little bit different...

Welcome to Plantpot Web.  We're a web hosting company with a simple philosophy;

To provide a low cost fully functional hosting service for people starting out on the internet, or who do not need massive amounts of space or bandwidth.

We are here to offer an alternative to other hosting companies that provide 'unlimited' or large hosting services but also can be expensive if all you're looking to do is host a few simple websites.

We say you should only pay for what you actually do use, and still enjoy all the additional benefits and features of a shared hosting package.

Grow your site

When people look for hosting on the internet they will usually end up on a package designed for much bigger websites, as most hosting companies cater for large websites with thousands of page views an hour.

Sometimes when you are just starting out, setting up a small website for a business or a local club or institution, this additional expense is unnecessary and can lead to inefficiencies in design and web practices.

A different option

Web designers looking to set up a site should actively think about how much web space and bandwidth they require for their project, which can be a lot less than they would expect.

  • Optimising for their potential viewers leads to more efficient websites and means they can pay considerably less for web hosting 
  • As your site grows simply change your hosting package changes to suit your needs
  • Our prices start from as little as £6 per year (yes that's per year)
  • We would like to encourage all forms of small to medium sites.  Perhaps all you need is somewhere to put your CV details and host an email account, maybe you're a designer looking to put together a site for your portfolio. Whether you're the secretary of a small club looking for a forum space for your members or the owner of a small business that needs a web presence or even a web developer with the next multi-million website idea . Whatever your needs and requirements we can advise you on the best way of starting out.